Concrete Lifting and Leveling Driveways in Alabama

Your driveway is one of the areas of your home that seldom gets a lot of attention and care particularly because it is a flat expanse of concrete that covers the area between your garage and the road. As overlooked and neglected as your driveway maybe, when you notice it sinking in areas, making it uneven, you should take notice. Ignoring this change can only bring about bigger problems that will cost you more in the long run to repair. When you need help with such a problem, the company to contact for help is Ox Foundation Solutions.

Concrete Leveling Process

Sunken Driveways Due to Settlement & Erosion

Soil Consolidation

There are many reasons why your driveway might be sinking in parts, and all of these have something to do with the soil underneath it. Some parts of your property may be prone to soil consolidation, which is a process that occurs with the changing of the weather. Extremely cold winters and harsh summers can cause the soil underneath your driveway to expand and shrink over time, causing the concrete slab on top of it to crack and to sink.

Soil Erosion

Your driveway’s concrete slab may also crack and sink due to soil erosion, which can happen due to improper drainage. When it rains, any loose soil that was not properly compacted underneath the slab can be washed away, which will result in a hole underneath the slab. Add constant pressure and weight on this area and you get a sunken slab that needs to be lifted and leveled.

Concrete Leveling Process

Ox Foundation: The Solution to Sunken Concrete Slab Settlement

If parts of your driveway are slowly sinking due to any of the aforementioned reasons, you need to fix the problem the moment you notice it. Leaving your driveway’s concrete sinking issue alone will only worsen the situation. The answer to this problem is Ox Foundation Solutions’ concrete leveling and lifting services.

The moment you realize that you have a sinking concrete slab on your driveway, you need to act fast in order to remedy the situation. The longer you delay acting on this, the bigger the problem will become and the more you will end up spending in fixing it. With our concrete leveling and lifting service, you not only solve the problem on your driveway but you also do so in an economical, fast, and efficient manner.

The Solution to Sunken Concrete Slab Settlement

Quick & Efficient Sunken Concrete Driveway Lifting with OxPoly

Ox Foundation Solutions utilizes a ground-breaking and economical solution to get your driveway back to its even level. You won’t have to go through the long, expensive, and excruciating process of removing the old slab, filling out the hollowed-out space, and rebuilding your driveway. With the help of a substance called OxPoly, you can get your driveway back to normal in a shorter period of time than it takes when you use the traditional method for fixing uneven concrete slabs.

Our process starts with the drilling of penny-sized holes in the area that needs to be lifted. These holes are then filled with an expanding geotechnical foam via an injection method. This foam fills up the eroded area and solidifies, lifting the sunken portion of your driveway.

OxPoly, which is the substance we use to fill up the eroded areas underneath your concrete slabs, is a more durable and lightweight alternative to traditional mudjacking. While it uses the same principles, it does not bring with it the risk of further sinkage due to the lighter weight of the foam when compared with the heavy slurry used in mudjacking.

Quick & Efficient Sunken Concrete Driveway Lifting

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When you find that your driveway is in immediate need of repair due to settlement, Ox Foundation Solutions is the company to contact to help with your concrete lifting and leveling needs. Other services we offer include basement waterproofing, foundation repair, and crawl space services. Simply call us at 205-303-3404 or visit our Contact Us page to fill out our form and we will gladly assist you in any way we can.

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