Concrete Lifting & Leveling Garage Floors in Alabama

The floors in your garage are even the day they were made but this does not mean they will stay that way forever. There are some circumstances where your garage floors may suddenly crack or parts of it will sink, and this is due to a phenomenon called settlement. This is when the soil underneath your garage sinks or erodes, causing the concrete slabs of your garage floor to shift and sink as well. When this happens, you need a company that knows exactly what to do when settlement happens, and that company is Ox Foundation Solutions.

Uneven Garage Floors Due to Sunken Concrete Settlement

This problem is not exclusive to your garage floors. In fact, it is a problem that plagues all concrete floors and foundations that are found inside and outside your home. If you live in a state that has harsh winters and scorching summers, your floors and concrete slabs might also experience shifting and unevenness when the ground experiences consolidation. This is when the ground shrinks and expands due to the weather and the changing moisture content in the soil.

Another reason why you might be suffering from uneven garage floors is when improper drainage erodes the soil underneath your garage, creating holes and uneven spots. This can happen due to improper ground compacting during construction and due to the lack of drainage where runoff should go. When any of these happen and the floors in your garage start to crack, shift, and become uneven, you will need to address the problem immediately.

Uneven Garage Floors Due to Sunken Concrete Settlement

Fixing Concrete Slab Settlement in Your Garage

When you find parts of your garage floor sinking and cracking due to any of the abovementioned reasons, you have to fix this immediately. One of the quickest ways for you to get your garage floors fixed and the problem of settlement taken care of is to have your concrete leveling and lifting done to your floor. The company to contact for this is Ox Foundation Solutions.

Fixing Concrete Slab Settlement

The Best Option for Concrete Driveway Lifting is with OxPoly

Ox Foundation Solutions has a revolutionary and cost-effective solution for concrete lifting and leveling for your garage floors and that is by using a substance called OxPoly. This is a foam-like substance that helps you return your garage floors to their original even level without the need for expensive slab removal, ground fillers, and reconstruction.

You don’t need the traditional concrete lifting method of mudjacking to get your garage floors fixed and back to its even form. This process is faster and cheaper and begins with the drilling of small holes in the floor of your garage. Expanding geotechnical foam is then injected into these holes, which then expands and hardens to lift the floor back to its original level, giving you your even garage floor quickly and effectively.

OxPoly is a lightweight yet durable substance that works just like the heavy slurry used in traditional mudjacking. The big difference is you won’t have to worry about the possibility of the soil underneath your garage sinking further from the weight of the heavy slurry since this foam is lightweight but very tough.

The Best Option for Concrete Driveway Lifting

For Sunken Concrete Garage Floor Lifting & Leveling in Alabama, Contact Ox Foundation

You won’t have to wait for a long time to get your garage floor fixed. You can get it back to normal with the help of our concrete lifting and leveling process. Ox Foundation knows exactly what you need when it comes to repairing concrete that is sinking. All you need to do is to call us at 205-303-3404 and we will gladly help. We also offer other services such as basement waterproofingfoundation repair, and crawl space services. Just call us or visit our Contact Us page and fill out our form so we can schedule you for your free assessment and estimate.

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