Concrete Leveling and Lifting Sidewalks in Alabama

Concrete sidewalks that have sunk in areas because of soil erosion and settlement are not only an ugly sight to see, but it is also a trip hazard. This can bring about serious injuries when a person does not notice the unevenness in time and finds themselves sprawled on the sidewalk after tripping. This problem is not uncommon particularly in areas where soil erosion, settlement, and soil consolidation occurs. Ox Foundations has the perfect solution for your sidewalk sinking problems, and that is concrete lifting.

Why Your Sidewalk Has Sunken Concrete & Needs Leveling

The inconsistency of the level of moisture in the soil underneath your sidewalk will have a huge bearing on whether it moves or not. If you live in an area that has really warm summers and very cold winters, there is a huge possibility that you will soon see your sidewalks sinking because of consolidation. This is because the soil underneath your sidewalk expands and contracts with the changing weather.

When you have improper drainage, you will also find that sidewalks will soon sink, particularly if the soil underneath it was improperly compacted. When it rains and there is no proper drainage system to direct runoff away from your property, the water can create its own path and this is usually in soil that is somewhat loose and easy to pass through. This is when settlement occurs underneath sidewalks and concrete slabs.

Sidewalk Has Sunken Concrete

How to Remedy Concrete Slab Settlement on Your Sidewalk

When you notice your home’s sidewalk sinking because of settlement, don’t let the problem go untouched. Remedy it immediately by contacting a specialist in concrete lifting and leveling like Ox Foundations.

Letting the problem sit without being fixed will only create a bigger problem. This is because the space underneath the sidewalk where it has sunk will collect water, which will further erode the soil and increase the area where the sidewalk is sinking. Get the right solution fast by contacting a concrete lifting and leveling expert immediately to address the problem.

How to Remedy Concrete Slab Settlement on Your Sidewalk

Effective & Efficient Sunken Concrete Sidewalk Lifting with OxPoly

Ox Foundation uses a revolutionary and cost-effective solution to lift your sidewalks back to their original level and to secure these in place. This is with the use of a substance called OxPoly. With this process, you can get your sidewalk back to normal in less time than it takes to replace the area with a new concrete slab.

The process begins with the drilling of small holes in the affected area. These holes are then injected with an expanding geotechnical foam which fills up the eroded area, which in turn lifts the sunken portion of your sidewalk, returning it to its original level. OxPoly is a much better alternative to traditional mudjacking, which uses the same principles, since the foam is lightweight but durable. This means it won’t sink the slab further or cause more settling since it is not heavy like the slurry used in mudjacking.

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Ox Foundation is the Company to Call for Sidewalk Lifting & Leveling in Alabama

Don’t let your sidewalk worsen by letting it sit unevenly due to soil erosion and settling. Contact Ox Foundation Solutions today to get the right kind of help you need for your concrete lifting and leveling issues. You can call us at 205-303-3404 to get more information about the process. You can also visit our Contact Us page and fill out our form there with your query and we will get right back to you as soon as possible.

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